Class Registration v3.0 - Kimball Area Public Schools

Community Education

Use this portal to register for Kimball Area Community Education youth and adult classes.

These events may be age specific or multi-aged for full family fun and learning opportunity. Both enrichment and recreational activities at low or no cost. Join in and enjoy family time.

Youth enrichment time is important in the lives of students. These classes give students something fun, educational and worthwhile to do after-school and during the summer break for a short stretch of time. This is a chance to share knowledge and time with qualified, caring adults to enrich the educational process for participants. Classes in this category may include: Robotics, Painting, Knitting, Choir, Chess, School of Fish and much more.

Run, jump, shoot, kick, ski and dance to better health and activity levels with these after-school classes and programs for youth. A wide variety of opportunities for young adults to meet new friends and learn new physical recreation skills. This category also includes youth leagues and team sports. Classes may include: Basketball, Volleyball, Ski Club, Summer Ball and more.